2020 marks an important milestone for businesses all around the world. We are entering a new era where technology plays an essential part in our daily lives and professional activities.

Everything we know will be disrupted, and there will be a growing demand for new uses of technology such as AI or machine learning for the next 10 years.

In response to the constant changes in the market and our clients’ needs, we’re evolving into an advanced model of digital agency: a “Brandtech Partner“. Brandtech stands for the fusion of creativity and technology. As a partner, we connect brands to the technologies they need to stay successful in this new tech-driven era.

We work through an end-to-end journey. We help brands EXPLORE their hidden business potential, then we INNOVATE their business processes and solutions. Ultimately, we AMPLIFY their business growth.

Three factors describe Asiance’s strengths allowing us to cultivate a mutually beneficial partnership with brands.
We are experts in Digital Marketing & UI/UX, skilled in creating an enhanced customer experience.
We have a large pool of validated partners in technology and digital solutions. We have the capability and resources to develop and implement solutions.

Also, our newly adapted Open Innovation services ensure that brands will find the optimal solution for their digital transformation journey. Depending on the current state and unique needs of the brand, the journey can be adjusted regarding the entry point and the selection of components.

Our New Services:

1. Ecosystem Discovery: Get an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem the brand is in
2. Startup Matching: Find the right partners to accelerate their innovation and process in finding their best solution
3. Open Innovation Workshop: Define the brand’s underlying problems and challenges, do initial ideation to get insights on what is needed to build on the strategy. Conceptualize the best solution through the consultation by Asiance or co-creation with partners from the start-up matching

These new services are part of numerous others, linked with digital marketing strategy and UI/UX development that we have been covering for the past 16 years.

Now as we evolve into a Brandtech Partner, we are renewing and emphasizing our company vision:
We strive to create a positive impact in the world by not only linking the bridge between the East and the West but also by working in partnership with business leaders of the future to bring out the best in the digital world.